[15] Yahooo

Team Captain:  Andrew Hamilton
Other Members:  Fiona  Hamilton
Aircraft:  Vans RV-7A
Andrew Hamilton

I am a sheep and cereals farmer from Illabo in southern NSW and have been flying for around 30 years.  It took me the the first 7 years of my marriage to convince my wife Fiona to allow me to build a plane.  Once I was given the go-ahead I ordered an RV7a kit from the States and spent all of my spare time over the next 4 years building Yahooo.  It has been flying for around 4 years now but the OAR will be our first major trip.  I am just finishing my aerobatic endorsement and together with my 3 kids absolutely love the fun and excitement of freestyle flying. 

Fiona Hamilton

I like flying in straight lines and am very excited about participating in the OAR.  (Loops and rolls would only waste time anyway!)  My professional background is in marketing and PR though I have just finished a 6 year stint running a furniture & homewares shop in Wagga Wagga to now spend more time with my growing kids and help out on the farm.  I grew up on the land and have had a few friends from remote areas who have needed the services of the RFDS so I hope we can raise a healthy amount through the Air Race to help their cause.