[32] Two Up

Team Captain: Steven Mogg

Other Member: Christine Mogg

Aircraft:  Zodiac 601 XLB  VH-CKS

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Steven Mogg 

I have always been interested in aircraft. From building free flight gliders and control line models growing up. After joining the Air Force as an Electronic engineer I got my PPL in the early 80s. I flew for a number of years including a trip from Melbourne to Bunderberg and Fraser Island until life, family and money finally conspired to clip my wings. I still spent many great years working with F18 and F111 aircraft in the Air Force. Fast forward to turning 50 and by some miracle I got a kit Zenith Zodiac 601 XLB for Christmas. Four years later in January 2018 I have finished building and have over 80 hours of flying in my new aircraft. We have done trips to Melbourne, outback sheep stations and Broken Hill so far. Entering the Outback Air Race seemed like a great way to get out and fly around Australia with the significant added bonus of being able to give something back through our fund raising for the Flying Doctors.

When initially learning to fly in the 80’s I read a biography of John Flynn and have remained in awe of his compassion and determination for helping those of us Aussie’s that live in the remotest parts of our country. The recent flying I have done around the eastern corner of the country certainly highlights that the remoteness is still ever present in our great country. We are looking forward to seeing much more of Australia and being able to raise funds that contribute to the wonderful work that the Royal Flying Doctors does for people that work, live and travel through the outback.


Christine Mogg

I would have to say at this stage I’ve been slow to embrace flying, this new passion of Stevens.  When he suggested we should enter an outback air race my response was less than enthusiastic.  I was busy thinking of all the reasons why NOT too do it.  Having said that, I’m generally up for most adventures so part of me was intrigued.  Eventually for me it boiled down to the fact that this life we get is so short and I want to live it to the fullest, I want to explore the opportunities coming across my path.  Who knows where I’ll find myself………..

For me the bonus is the fact we get to raise funds for one of Australia’s most recognised charities The Royal Flying Doctors Service.  We recently flew to Broken Hill and visited the Broken Hill RFDS base.  That flight was eye opening, it rolls off the tongue so easily to say Australia is a huge country but to fly over and see the vast remoteness of that one small area and realise the essential service provided by RFDS makes their work all the more real to me.  

Here’s hoping Steven and I can make a contribution to a vital medical service for anyone finding themselves in need in the outback, whether they choose to live, work or play there.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have some fun too………

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Steven & Christine