[9] The Flying Cockies

Team Captain:  Greg Ball
Other Members:  Michael Taylor, Allan Thompson
Aircraft: C182Q (Cessna 182Q)
The Cockies are three Wagin WA farmers of which Allan Thompson is the only sensible one having recently semi retired.

All three have had family members benefit from the services of the RFDS and we are taking this opportunity to highlight the value to our community and raise some funds for the RFDS.

Captain Greg Ball only got the title because of no other nominations, farms east of Wagin and the family is 100 years this year on the same farm. Most people would have woken up in that time and moved on. Greg has been flying for 16 years only getting lost occasionally.

Mike Taylor is locally known as the Mayor of Wedgecarrup, west of Wagin and his family settled there in the mid 1800’s having been sheep drovers (no rustling involved).

Mike is a very capable pilot being the first qualified of the Cockies and has a liking for Emu Bitter. The Taylor family has their two sons home on the farm as well as Mike when not flying.

Allan Thompson is a gun navigator, never having been lost, and the only reason there is a slim chance The Cockies will be competitive. Qualified the latest of The Cockies  Allan has been sensible enough to sell most of his farm to allow more time for flying. Allan has grandchildren in Perth and Esperance with regular flights to them as Wagin is in the middle. He has a musical brain and is a lifelong fan of  U2.

Being all round good blokes and modest we expect to run last to save anyone else the indignity of this honour.

We look forward to the company of other teams and really appreciate the tireless work of the race committee.

Photo, left to right: Greg, Allan, Mike