[10] Team ZIC

Team Captain: Scott Palmer

Other Member: Caleb Duggan

Aircraft:  VANS RV7A  VH-ZIC

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Scott Palmer bio

I'm a private pilot based in Perth with just over 500 hours flying time. I'd hoped to have taken part in the last air race, but aircraft availability didn't pan out so here we are at the 2018 race. I'm looking forward to it, the route seems excellent and should have some fantastic scenery along the way.

My partner Li and I like to travel, and we try to get in some GA flying during our trips, although Li tries to get out of it unless the weather is perfect … she doesn't like turbulence. We've flown in New Zealand, UK, France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany so far. During our last trip to Europe, we flew from Mollis, Switzerland to Innsbruck, Austria through the mountains. The scenery was amazing and it was a fun experience flying my first international flight into a big airport.

A friend convinced me to get into flying some years ago now after doing a trial flight I was hooked. I also got involved with the University Flying Club and have been president for the last six years - we operate a 2011 PiperSport at Jandakot offering affordable flying to the WA community. Club Vice President Caleb Duggan is joining me on the race. Li believes there is 'too much turbulence' flying across Australia, so she's going to stay home.

I excited to take part in the 2018 race it looks like it's going to have a solid turnout and should be a fantastic adventure.


Caleb Duggan Bio

I'm a private pilot based in Perth. I've been flying since 2013, and got my commercial pilot license in 2017. I plan to go on to get an instructor rating in the near future, and then begin a career in aviation.

I currently work in IT and, in my spare time, I like to work on various programming and electronics projects.

Scott and I are both on the committee for the University Flying Club - I joined the flying club after getting my private pilot license. The club has been a great way to meet other pilots to share flights with and, find out about flying events around WA.

My partner is currently living in a country town 2 hours out of Perth, so recently, many of my flights have been up to her town to visit her on weekends. She also enjoys coming on flights and enjoys going up in the club pipersport.

I haven't done any flying outside of the southwest of WA, so I’m looking forward to the chance to fly somewhere a little further afield. I'm especially looking forward to flying around the top end - by all accounts, the scenery is amazing. The air race promises to be a great way to do this, and raise money for a good cause at the same time.