Teams (15+)

No. Team Name Team Members Aircraft Fundraising Page
1 The Three Amigos
Peter Williams
Tony Mitchell
Malcolm McDonald
Trinidad TB20 Fundraising Page
2 Lima Mike
David Mackey
John Collins
C182T Fundraising Page
3 Flying Cockies
Greg Ball
Michael Taylor
Phil Robinson
C182Q Fundraising Page
4 Cirrus Escape Withdrawn Withdrawn Withdrawn
5 Team Thunderbird Withdrawn Withdrawn Withdrawn
6 ENC Consulting Group
Daniel DeVere
John Goerke 
Fundraising Page
7 Yahooo
Andrew Hamilton
Fiona Hamilton
Vans RV-7A Fundraising Page
8 The Rocketeers
Chris Stevenson
Wayne Ovens
Vans RV-9A Fundraising Page
9 Robin Safari
Edward Jones
Peter Baker
Josephine Weir
Robin HR-100 Fundraising Page
10 True Blue Withdrawn Withdrawn Withdrawn
11 Bad Mooney Rising
Stuart Payne
Rowan Hill
Peter Kneale
Mooney201 Fundraising Page
12 Bald Eagles
Geoff Nicholson
Peter Nicholson
Marie Nicholson
C182P Fundraising Page
13 Dongara Flying Craz
Kathleen Chant
Gavin Denton
C172 Fundraising Page
14 The Freo Flyers
Ralph Treasure
Elena Monaco
C172R Fundraising Page
15 Mellow Yellow
Rob Donaldson
Chook Henderson
Vans RV-7 Fundraising Page
16 Vans Flyers Withdrawn Withdrawn Withdrawn
Alan Sattler
Jo Sattler
Vans RV6 Fundraising Page
18 The Altitude Chasers
David Green
Leanne Green
Fiona Waldren
Steve Green
Eclipse EA50 Fundraising Page
19 Mittagong Two Tenners
Peter Clisdell
Helen Clisdell
Jim Driver
Vanessa Driver
C210N Fundraising Page
20 Superhigh Withdrawn Withdrawn Peter has joined team 11
21 Race Villains no 7
Phil Hines 
Jane Crichton
Vans RV-7 Fundraising Page
22 Medicus Volanti
Tom Huang
Matthew Chang
Mooney 201 Fundraising Page
23 Rodents
Greg Weatherstone
Linton Rumble
C172M Fundraising Page
24 Moree High Flyers
Andrew Crowe
Jodie Crowe
C206 Fundraising Page
25 Mockingjay
Leanne McKenzie
Jason Cottier
C177RG Fundraising Page
26 The Instrumentals
Don Rechichi
Margaret Halsmith
Jack Gregor
C182 RG Fundraising Page
27 Triple Whiskey "On the Rocks"
Warren Millar
John Harris
Geoff Leaver
Socata TB-10 Fundraising Page
28 3 pies with sauce
Gary McClure
Greg Barkla
David Mayo
Lyn Mayo
Cessna 210N Fundraising Page
29 Juliet's Safaris
Angus James
Anton Stretch
Jack Miller
Julie McIntosh /
Michael Brooke
Piper PA32R-300 Fundraising Page
30 Westy's Wizards
Mark Westcott
Tom McVeigh
Herbie Rosenberg
Sarah Cox
C182K Fundraising Page
31 XRFDS (Plane Doctor - support crew)
Jan Ende
Penny Ende
Murrak Korff
C180 Fundraising Page