[35] Team Skippy

Team Captain: Todd Kruger

Other Member: Trevor Kruger

Aircraft: Thorp T18  VH-IXI

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Team Skippy - The one and only team from the beautiful Barossa Valley!

Todd Kruger:

Since experiencing the magic of flight on his first training flight in 2011 Todd has felt more at home in the air than on the ground. After completing his commercial license in October 2015 Todd decided that renting a plane was not the most economical way to build his flying hours to gain employment. He decided to undertake a tail wheel endorsement and then purchase a Thorp T18 which he flew from Gladstone Queensland to the Barossa Valley South Australia. Since then Todd has been looking to undertake some longer trips so what better way to do it than by joining a group of fellow aviators on a trip covering all states in Australia while supporting a worthy organization that helps so many fellow Australians. Todd would like to work for RFDS in the future.

Trevor Kruger:

Trevor is a car salesman in the Barossa Valley and has a passion for travel, sports and new experiences. Although he has not had a lot of flying experience in such a small aircraft he is looking forward to seeing Australia in a way that not many people have the opportunity to do. Trevor is also looking forward to some father and son time and raising as much money as possible for this worthy cause.


Skippy is a plans built Thorp T18 that was built in 1977. It is powered by a Lycoming O-320 150hp which makes it quite a fun aircraft to fly. Skippy weighs just 434kg empty and with a MTOW of over 800kg can effectively carry it’s own weight in fuel, passengers and baggage.