[41] Team E/B

Team Captain: Matt Eastman

Other Member: Lisa Byrne and John Eastman

Aircraft: Cessna C182Q  VH-OBW

Fundraising Page: 

                                                                                                Matt Eastman

By the time the Outback Air Race comes around, it will have been just over 10 years since I first learnt to fly. In that time, I’ve earnt a Recreational Pilot Certificate, Gliding Certificate and more recently a PPL. With 14 aircraft in my logbook and a couple of hundred hours, I have plenty of variety, but still consider myself new to this sort of cross country experience. So the OAR is a great opportunity to raise money for a very worthy charity, whilst learning plenty along the way. This is going to be an incredible experience.


                                                                                                Lisa Byrne

Partner of Matt in life and flying adventures, Lisa has spent plenty of time in two-seat gliders. This has meant that most of our time together has involved going around and around in circles, and not getting very far! So Lisa is looking forward to actually going from Point A to Point B in a fairly straight line for a change.

Our aircraft of choice is probably not going to be the fastest ship in the fleet, so we’re going to have plenty of time for aerial photography which Lisa is particularly good at. A communications and marketing executive with a large multi-national company, Lisa is looking forward to getting stuck into some serious marketing for the cause, leveraging the biggest social media following that her partner has ever seen (though, compared to his 30 friends, that wouldn’t be hard…) 


                                                                                                John Eastman

John Eastman

Matt’s father John has flown with Matt only a couple of times, so this was somewhat of a leap of faith… but what father doesn’t trust his son implicitly, right? Now retired, John is well travelled, but these days mainly by the comfort of an airliner, ocean liner or Volvo-liner. So the back seat of a 4-seat tin can with a noisy fan on the front is going to be a once in a lifetime experience.

John’s 95-year old mum grew up in Emerald, so we’re all looking forward to a flyover and brief stop there. And other than Bundy and Broome, all of the other destinations are new to John too. 

So this little team is very much looking forward to the challenge and all the fun along the way. Bring on August 2018!