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We have had a few queries come though via email and decided to put our answers up on the website as Frequently Asked Questions. Follow this link to find out more about aircraft endurance requirements, timing for the next event and the like.

ERSA photo competition results

This year Air Services again agreed to publish the best photo from the air race on the cover of the ERSA. To pick the best photo, the race committee called for every participant to submit one photo that embodied the spirit of the race, and narrowed that selection down to four before submission to Air Services. The winning photo was taken by Malcolm McDonald of the Three Amigos, captured overhead the Flinders Ranges enroute to Arkaroola. We have also attached the remaining 3 short listed photos for your viewing pleasure (no particular order). The winning picture will be on the March ERSA.

Submission 2: Hui & Judy Tan, team Cirrusly?

Team GFR landing their Mooney M20J at Dig Tree Airstrip, Innamincka to Charleville leg

Submission 3: Fiona Hamilton, Yahooo

Group photo on the starting line at Ceduna, SA

Submission 4: Hui & Judy Tan, team Cirrusly?

Aircraft departing Adels Grove

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos are very proud, and just a little bit excited, to announce the official and exclusive world launch of their web site. With a large section dedicated to the 2012 Air Race, they hope you enjoy some of the photos as well as some of the music and videos available to view from the comfort of your own chair, beanbag, bar stool or pilot seat.

For those that didn't participate in the air race, The Three Amigos are a highly entertaining trio that have travelled all over together. The air race provided a unique stage for them to showcase their individual talents; Peter is a highly skilled and experienced pilot [citation needed] and successfully navigated the trio around the course, Malcolm is an incredibly talented photographer who took the majority of their race photos and Tony hosted many amazing impromptu acoustic guitar solos along the race route and is just an all-round great guy. The 2012 race wouldn’t have been the same without them!

For the The Three Amigos photos, click on the 2012 - Outback Air Race Adventure in the above link.

Team Superfly race video

Outback Australia from the cockpit of the team Superfly Cessna 182..

Outback Air Race 2012 Fundraising total exceeds $300,000!

A Message from Patrick DuBois, Race Manager, 2012 Outback Air Race:

Stuart, Janelle & Patrick recently met with Fiona Jones (Donor Relations Manager) and Sonia Abbott (Community Fundraising Coordinator) to reflect on the event. Needless to say, they are very impressed with the outcome of the Outback Air Race, particularly the last push by race participants to take the funraising total over $300,000. Many thanks to all those who participated in the final $$$ roundup and for putting their hands in their pockets, once again. A great effort!! 

The Royal Flying Doctor Service recognises the event as being quite unique and captures many of those things that align it to the Royal Flying Doctor Service –aviation, outback and fundraising, and are looking at ways to “immortalise” it. Stay posted!

Great event all round!

Finally after 12 days of the most amazing country covering thousands of kilometres and the final challenge of entering Darwin Airspace, all racers arrived safely. Our final dinner saw the red dust washed off and the frocks and dress shirts dragged out of the bottom of the bag. Racers were awarded with their participant medals and overall race winners were Superfly!! Who could believe that the scorer won the race, some might think it dodgy but Peter and Ed both have honest faces. They don't seem to have made the connection between this win and their air craft battery problems as yet. The Spirit of the Air Race Award went to Grant who travelled with Bliss and the team who raised the most funds for the RFDS was Team GFR (Gavin Rutherford and Peter Thomas) - raising in excess of $67,000!

Overall, this race beat its target of $250,000 raised for the RFDS (we're still tallying the final number - which should be much more than the target!). As the teams scatter from Darwin to the four winds as they return to their home grounds around Australia, we all reflect with great fondness on our amazing experiences with other passionate aviators, our new found friends, and the pride we feel to have made such a great contribution to one of the stalwarts of the great outback.

West Coast Sentinel

Our photogenic cockies made it on to the cover of the West Coast Sentinel while at the starting line in Ceduna. Click on the image to read the article.

Race Results

Click here for the final race results for the 2012 Outback Air Race. Congratulations to the race winners Superfly (Ed McGough and Peter Kneale), the leg winners (Bald Eagles, Mellow Yellow, Superfly and Bad Mooney Rising) and to all of the participants for such a memorable and exciting journey.

We are currently in transit but will have additional results, poems and photos up soon.

Team GFR Photo Album

Peter Thomas and Gavin Rutherford of team GFR would like to share the photo album below of their adventures so far. They' will keep this up as they continute their travels.

Photo Album link

Team GFR have also been our best fundraisers so far, raising over $67,000 for the flying doctor, however, the they would appreciate any further dontations for the flying doctor via their team page here as they are still short of their ambitious $100,000 target.

Bad Mooney Rising


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