Chinwag Newsletter #2 - April 2015

Our second Newsletter for 2015 is now available to view - click HERE. The newsletter provides an update on race planning progress and is a summary of the Chinwag event held at Jandakot airport on 14th April 2015, for those that were unable to attend.

Inside you will find some exciting news regarding new sponsors, accommodation and aviation updates, aerial photography tips, and more!

Future Chinwag event dates can be found on the events page.

Accommodation and Clothing forms released

We have just released our Accommodation and Clothing forms via email to race participants, if you have not received them please contact us!

ANZAC 100th anniversary formation flight

Chris Stevenson sent us these photos from their ANZAC 100th anniversary formation flight over Albany ANZAC Park parade.. one day our race manager (who is slowly building an RV) will be able to participate!

AvPlan Sponsors Karumba Leg!

We welcome AvPlan EFB as Sponsor for leg 6, Winton to Karumba, of the 2015 Outback Air Race!
AvPlan EFB is a multi-award winning electronic flight bag (EFB) for Apple and Android devices. From local VFR recreational aviation through to professional IFR charter and global airline operations, AvPlan EFB has been designed to simplify your flying by using the portability, effortlessness and processing capability of your iPhone™ or iPad™.
Continuing to lead the market with unparalleled innovation and functionality, AvPlan EFB features multiple Australian firsts with terrain warning, touch to display restricted airspace status, automatic IFR airway planning and geo-referenced airport taxi & instrument approach diagrams to arm you with superior situational awareness.
Envisioned, developed and rigorously tested by Australian pilots for Australian pilots, AvPlan EFB integrates everything you need to prepare, plan and execute your flight – whether it be in a recreational aircraft, corporate jet or something in between.
AvPlan EFB is delighted to become a sponsor of the Outback Air Race. In addition to sponsoring a leg of the race, AvSoft HQ is also equipping the race participants with AvPlan EFB on their iPads to ensure they are fully equipped with the most up-to-date electronic flight bag on the market. Full training, via webinar, will be provided for pilots and co-pilots to ensure the participants benefit from the rich range of features AvPlan EFB has to offer.
AVPlan EFB is proud to be involved in the Outback Air Race and wishes clear skies and tailwinds to everyone involved.
Thanks & welcome AvPlan!

Paraway Pastoral Company Sponsor Birdsville Leg

We welcome Paraway Pastoral Company as the sponsor for leg 4, Alice Springs to Birdsville, on the 2015 Outback Air Race!
Paraway Pastoral Company owns and operates large-scale sheep and cattle properties across Australia. Formed in 2007, Paraway has become one of the largest pastoral land owners and operators in Australia, with a total combined land holding of over 3.6 million hectares ... And yes ... we know what you’re thinking ... that IS bigger than Belgium. One of Paraway properties, Davenport Downs, is the largest cattle station in QLD, at 15,000 sq km.

To date, Paraway has purchased 30 properties and has aggregated these into 17 pastoral businesses.  The current total land holding has the capacity to run approximately 220,000 cattle and 240,000 sheep.

Like Lawson Grains – Paraway is also engaging its property teams in an internal competition to raise additional funds, over and above the main company support we have received (click here!). And like Lawson, Paraway is also a part of the Macquarie Agriculture Funds portfolio, part of the larger Macquarie Bank enterprise.
Welcome Paraway Pastoral Co!

Lawson Grains Sponsors Forrest Leg!

We're excited to announce that Lawson Grains has signed up to sponsor the Esperance to Forrest leg of the Outback Air Race!
Lawson Grains owns and operates a diversified portfolio of large scale cropping farms, currently in NSW and WA. To date, Lawson is operating eight property aggregations totalling approximately 78,000 hectares. They operate 2 properties – Hakea and Gunnadoo - down in the Esperance area near our race start. Their properties are managed by permanent “on property” staff as well as seasonal staff. Lawsons primary goal is to operate a sustainable cropping business, achieving superior long term returns while effectively managing risks.

Lawson are part of the Macquarie Agriculture Funds portfolio, part of the larger Macquarie Bank enterprise.

While Lawson have committed to support us through their company, they have also started an internal campaign with each of their property management and head office management teams undertaking additional local fund raising. They have even setup an internal competition among themselves for the property that can raise the most additional funds - click here to see their fundraising page.
Welcome on board Lawson Grains!

Team Yahooo support video

Andrew and Fiona, from Illabo NSW, put this video together to promote sponsorship for their team Yahooo, with 100% of the funds raise going to the RFDS. Yahooo raised over $20,000 last event and we hope they can do the same again this time! Special thanks to Tony Mitchell (from The Three Amigos) for the soundtrack.

True Blue - Bunbury Aero Club Open Day

The week before last, Malcolm and Rachel flew their RV-7 down for the Bunbury Aero Club open day and rattled the RFDS tin. They managed to come away with over $500! Tricky crosswinds down in Bunbury too which makes for an entertaining landing! They have posted the video below:

True Blue Rattle Tin - Whitford City Shopping Centre

Malcolm and Rachel from team True Blue will be at Whitford City Shopping Centre, WA, this weekend (28th / 29th March) with a static display and rattle tins for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Ironically, they expect to be placed near the flight centre entrance! If you are in the area please stop by, they would love to see you.

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