Special Delivery for Team ATOM

special delivery for Team ATOM

Posted by Outback Air Race on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Team "Triple Whiskey On The Rocks" BBQ and Family Day

Team "Triple Whiskey On The Rocks" are hosting a BBQ and Family Day at the Coffs Harbour and Districts Aero Club. This is on the same day as the Aviators Farewell on over in the West (16th August) and may make a suitable substitute for those in the Coffs Harbour area! They have raised over $18,000 to date and are targeting $26,000!

See attached flier for more details.

Race History / Bush Poets Night

We have just added some history on the Bush Poets Night (an Outback Air Race tradition) and other information on early races, as told by Geoff Nicholson from The Bald Eagles. Navigate to History > Bush Poets, or click here.


Race Newsletter #5 - July 2015

Our fifth race Newsletter is now available to view (click the image, or here). In this edition we announce Summit Fleet as our new Major Sponsor! Mike Bleus, RFDS Chief Pilot (Western Operations), gave us an update on their PC-24 order and spoke to us about landing on outback roads.

There are some important updates for participants from Don and Stuart regarding safety, insurances and admin. Teams please ensure you read through these sections thoroughly (skim reading the rest is fine!).

We are currently working with AvPlan to try and get a live race map available for spectators Australia Wide (and globally!) using the AvPlan Live service.

Our teams, and their donors, have now rasied over $160,000 for the flying doc and we are trending towards our $250,000 target! #fiveweekstogo!

Andy Farrow and the '50 Faces of the RFDS'

We thought we would share this post as Andy is on a similar journey to us, except flying solo to many RFDS locations next year in a project he is calling '50 Faces of the RFDS'. Find out more about his event here http://www.50facesrfds.com.au/, and watch the video below.

Hi everyone, my name is Andy Farrow and next year I will be flying around Australia raising money and awareness for the...

Posted by Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia on Thursday, July 16, 2015


Summit Fleet as Major Sponsor!


We welcome Summit Fleet as our second Major Sponsor for the 2015 Steadfast Outback Air Race! Thanks to Mal, Fiona and the team at Summit Fleet for inching us ever closer to a record breaking Outback Air Race!

Established in Australia in 1997, Summit Fleet Auto Lease Australia Pty Limited (Summit Fleet leasing and Management) is majority owned by the Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company, Limited (SMAS). The Summit Fleet brand represents value, service and strength. Customers continue to enjoy a level of service that exceeds expectation, whilst also receiving the benefits of an experienced and established management team.

SMAS has over 30 years of experience and has a reputation for innovation and technological advancement. It is the leading fleet leasing and management organisation (FMO) in Japan with a growing presence in India, Thailand and Indonesia, making them one of the top 10 fleet management and leasing organisations globally!

“It is great to be involved in such a unique way of raising money for a much relied upon service in Australia.” David Clinch, the General Manager of Summit Fleet has shared. “We look forward to hearing stories from the pilots and team at Outback Air Race and seeing great results for our friends at the RFDS."

Bad Mooney Rising trivia night dance off!!

Trivia Night Dance Off! Well done Peter Garrett, purple maroon, hillbilly and blue shirt! #dancelikenooneiswatching

Posted by Team Bad Mooney Rising - Outback Air Race 2015 on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Race Planning Update - Chinwag #5

Our fifth and final race planning update, Chinwag #5, will be held this coming Tuesday, 14th July, at the Royal Aero Club of WA, Jandakot. This will be our final update to participants both in WA and interstate (via the race newsletter) before we meet at the race start in Esperance!

For those participants, friends and interested parties in Perth, we will also be holding our Aviators Farewell at RACWA on Sunday 16th August. We will post more updates closer to the date.

We look forward to seeing you there!

ENC Consulting Group

We have had an overwhelming level of support for this event, not only for the event as a whole but also individual teams. The latest success story is team 6, made up of Daniel DeVere and John Goerke, who have secured a naming rights sponsor for their team. They will now be known as team ENC Consulting Group. Well done Daniel, John and ENC Consulting Group!

ENC Consulting Group is excited and proud to be sponsoring the ENC Consulting team consisting of Daniel De Vere and John Goerke, in support of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Daniel and John will be dedicating and donating two weeks of their time to participate in the Outback Air Race to raise funds for RFDS.

ENC Consulting Group is a business consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia providing contract management, negotiation, project management, risk management & business advisory services both locally and nationally. Their team of consultants specialise in strategy and planning for both corporate and SME clients.  ENC Consulting Group has expertise and experience managing a wide range of issues in mining, oil and gas, construction and energy settings. They provide clients with pragmatic and specialist advice. The ENC Consulting Team has many years of global experience in senior management roles in the major infrastructure, telecommunications, construction, energy, mining and service provider industries.


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