Team GFR "Thank you" event / Black Toms Bar / 11th August

This weekend on Saturday the 11th, TEAM GFR is holding a complimentary, ticket-only “thank you” event at Black Toms Bar in Ord Street West Perth.

The event runs from noon until 3pm and will be hosted by “Millsy”, the 6PR breakfast announcer.

All food and drink is complimentary.

Mine host, Jeff Green has “thrown us the keys” to the place in order to thank our generous donors.

Included in the line of entertainment :

  • Ron Smales regaling us with some of his bagpipe excellence.
  • Clara Helms will be singing. (Check the website out…she is awesome.)
  • Tony Rees will be regaling us with a summary of the last Outback Air Race in which he was the MC.
  • Paul “Elvis” O’Halloran will provide some “Elvis Excellence”.
  • Interviews with “people of interest”!
  • Auction of interesting items.

For every donation of over $150 to the GFR EDH website I can furnish a complimentary “thank you” ticket.

Donors should call me on 0400250441 or Melissa Harty on 0400250443 to advise that they have made a qualifying donation. They should also include in their message on the website “ see you at Black Toms!”