Leg 7: Mataranka

Leg 7: Adels Grove to Mataranka

Distance: 390nm

Date: Wednesday 5th September

Leg Sponsor:
Thanks so much to ATA ENGINEERING, the leg sponsor. We departed Adel’s Grove with most of the racers flying to Borroloola to re-fuel. After re-fueling and heading on to Mataranka, visibility gradually started decreasing as is typical this time of year across the top, due to smoke from fires. Between 60 to 30 miles out of mataranka visibility was at its worst and gave the racers something to think about in order to continue their flights safely. Some diverted and others descended to a lower level where visibility was better. Fortunately Mataranka itself was unaffected and we all landed safely.

After an amazing Barra and Beef BBQ a number of fines were awarded. The Bald Eagles left their landing lights on, Superfly forgot to turn on their GPS and did some swift and dodgy work to get it on for the waypoint, TLC forgot to turn on their GPS at all and got a double whammy for taking off at Adel’s Grove in the opposite direction, Kingdom Flyers nearly took out SJT when parking, Atom forgot about the new time difference for UTC that occurred half way along, GFR did a bunny hop landing in Borroloola, Bad Mooney Rising left their dipping stick in Borroloola and finally, phew, a busy day for fines, Bliss made all their calls into Borroloola on the area frequency instead of the CTAF.

There were some awards as well. The Flying Cockies starred in a great article in Ceduna’s The Sentinel. Lima Mike was finally not the last in, actually one of the first for a change and Hands Up and Kingdom Flyers got awards for airmanship.

A number of items were auctioned off and a raffle also made quite a bit for the RFDS. Finally the leg winners were announced and for the third time – Bald Eagles.