Bush Poets

Team ENC's winning entry from 2015:

This is the Gospel, from the New Testament according to John "John of the OAR"

In the beginning there was the word, and the word was, "CASA", all praise CASA as they are wise.

Then it was said unto their disciples "it has taken 3 years since our last gathering, therefore go out and spread the word, "and the word is RFDS".

John answered and said "I am not a pilot nor a Sponsor, but I have been sent before them".
Daniel who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly of this and of the Sponsor contributions.
"all hail the Sponsors".

John said unto Daniel " There are still 4 months and then cometh the Air Race"
Behold, Daniel says onto you, lift up your eyes to the sky as he who reaps, will receive donations, so sayeth the Committee, "as the Committee are truly wise in such things".

And After the passing of the time there was the "Aviators Farewell", most assuredly the
Committee say to you, the hour is coming and the very works you do for the RFDS bear witness to you and your gathering here today.

It is written, the many seeking the leg came to the Committee and said "We are in search of the next way point" and the committee replied "of what AVPlan spoke was true" and the many believed in the GPS tracker, "to within 74m a second, give or take a metre or two".

And Daniel said onto John "he who believes in me shall not vier far from the true flight path, and judge me not according to my dodgy starter motor and dim landing gear lights, but judge me with righteous judgement of my Way Point time and distance".

John answered and said to the many that heard of this "Give unto Daniel the Leg, "we know this pilot is a winner"

Now a reading from John, chapter 14 verse 19:

"You may seek team ENC, but cannot find them, and where they are you cannot come, as they are in the clouds, "at ~5,500ft", but you who believe  in them will see the light, because you too will find a break in the cloud."

On the 6th day there was much joy to be had, as according to the first commandment the  Committee stricketh from the record the race goers worst score, and the riturus were once again on the path of the next way point.

Daniel said unto John, "spread the word as your day of rest is neigh, as this is now the 7th Leg of your journey" and John was sad, as the legend, that is the Leg, had eluded them.

The time is now upon us and the Committee showed onto their disciples the miracle, and the miracle was Cooktown.

Then this saying went out amongst the brethren of CASA who now testify of these things and that their testimony is true.

Praise the RFDS as their cause is true.

Let us pray


Our CASA which art in the clouds

Hallowed be thy Name.


Thy Part 61,come. 

Thy will be done before taxi

As it is in takeoff.


Give us this day our daily flight plan,

And forgive us our wayward navigation,

As we forgive them that have overtaken us,

And lead us not into GPS navigation temptation,

But deliver us from last place, 

For thine is the Leg, 

The power, and the trophy,

For ever and ever.



T’was Angus James from First National...

Apologies to Banjo Paterson.... and thanks to his character Mulga Bill for the inspiration. The Sydney Mail, 25 July 1896.

'Twas Angus James, from First National, that
caught the flying craze;                                     
He turned away his polo horse that served him
many days;
He dressed himself in flying coat, resplendent
to be seen;                                    
He hurried off to Jandakot and bought a shining                                  
new machine; [Piper PA32R-300]
And as they wheeled it through the door, with
air of lordly pride, the grinning shop
assistant said, "Excuse me sir, but can you
"See here, young man," said Mr James, "from
Alice to the sea, from Hedland’s Gap to old
Cook town, there's none can fly like me.
I'm good all round at everything as everybody
Although I'm not the one to talk - I hate a man
that blows.
But flying is my latest gift, my newest, sole
Just ask a wild duck can it swim, a wild dog
can it fight.
There's nothing clothed in hair or hide, or
built of flesh or steel,                                     
There's nothing walks or jumps, or runs, on
axle, hoof, or wheel      
But what I'll sit, while hide will hold and
girths and straps are tight:
I'll fly this here two-wheeled concern right
straight away at sight!"
'Twas young Jack Miller, from near about this
place, who took old ‘Gus aside, “I’ll help you
get this tiny bird across this land so wide!”
I’m chasing hours to fill my book and I’d love
to take a ride.”
I’ll need some crew, said Mr James, “I’ve
friends from far and wide”. “I need some blokes
who I know well, to guide us to th’other side”.
T’was Anton Stretch, a mate from past, who knew
the way to go, he had a ‘trusted’ iPad and a
history book that glowed. A Navigator from the
RAAF with ‘complished resume. A man who’d stood
the test of time “ I’ll show you blokes the
Add Mike ‘the knight’ [not quite in shining
armour], he filled a seat up back, he kept them
honest all the time and never cut them slack.
So loved ones watched as Juliet’s Safaris
departed Jandakot, with laden tanks ‘n gear ‘nd
bits all packed, they had the bloomin’ lot.
And soon amid the fluffy clouds; with heads and
hearts of joy; time for stories of their past,
just like four little boys.
The Piper Lance loved the chance to be above the cloud; but soon familiar ground turned into flat plains as far as the eye could see.
With rocks and tanks and scrubby hills, the miles rolled on and on, they call it Forrest, that's gotta be a joke, funny bloke.
Sure we could understand the Rock, but Alice, she's gotta be a long way from home; strange, but t'is where Julie got aboard;
Yep, we sure did see some pretty birds in the 'Vill, "Turn it's head north" they said, and you'll surely see;
The flood plains of the Diamantina spread far and wide, all ready for a drop or two, people as strong as horses took pride in what they do;
We met Banjo from a couple of years ago, bit dried out, worse than a drover's dog;
The Winton folk knew what we were all about, coughed up their coin like they had something worse than what Flynn could fix;
We got the view, that Burke and Wills dreamt of, got it easy now, I say; the Gulf laid glittering ahead as we settled on the beach;
We topped up Billy with beef, Jules with prawns, while Gus sang a sarong; 
Young Jack, measured the fuel, knowing this'll do 'em,
But Gus had other plans, he turned Lance's head across the Cape off to the other side;
First the winds blew and then they didn't, that t'was a thorn in the side;
Jules kept 'em calm with a coffee or two,
We saw the Bay and then Jack said "We Gotta go!"
Cooktown beckoned just over the hill, lush and green;
We cleared the point, only to settle early in Poet's corner.