[22] Medicus Volanti

Team Captain: Tom Huang
Other Members: Matthew Chang
Aircraft: Mooney 201
Tom Huang

Tom is a living oxymoron - a doctor with too much free time. So he looked up the sky - an exercise he had been doing since he was 6 - and understood that it is where he belongs. Soloed in a trusty Piper Warrior in 2012, he went on terrorising the sky - Velocity 137, Caution VFR traffic, 10 o'clock, 9000 feet, unverified, - and looking down on people - mostly the motorists on jammed M1 - for few hundreds hours in his life. To further fuelling his seemingly incurable addiction of flying - a well known and well documented illness - and to puzzle his accountant / banker / boss / Facebook friends / Twitter fans, he went on and bought himself a Mooney 201 (aka M20J) and joined handful of guys who go to a speed dating night with a slight upper hand.

For his 2015 flying calendar, Tom is hoping to finish his Commercial / Instrument Rating trainings, continuing his DAME career, as well as flying his Mooney with his friends across Australia in RFDS Outback Air Race! 

All of sudden, he seems to have much less free time...

Matthew Chang

When Matthew was 18, he had a taste of what it’s like to be soaring above the clouds when his sister’s then boyfriend took him up for a flight. It had made an everlasting impression and ever since Matthew has been longing to get back to the sky!

So when his BFF buddy Tom called him up and offered him an once-in-a-lifetime chance of etching his name forever on the sky above Uluru and winning one million dollar prize money (*wink*), he immediately endangered his marriage by accepting the invitation! Moreover, now realising that he will be stuck in a contortionist-approved Mooney cabin with ear piercing Lycoming engine humming in the background plus no prospect of in-flight services or toiletry for more 20 hours, he is also putting this friendship to the ultimate test!

With this much passion for flying plus his computer science background and his uncanny ability to read aeronautical charts upside down - welcome to Australia, the land of Down Under! -, he is, no doubt, going to be a valuable asset to Team Medicus One-Million-Dollar Volanti!