[18] The Altitude Chasers

Team Captain: David Green
Other Members:  Leanne Green, Fiona Waldren, Steve Green
Aircraft: Eclipse EA50

All the Altitude Chaser team members have travelled extensively throughout outback Australia and understand the need for the services the RFDS provide. The Outback Air Race allows us to combine our passion for aviation with the community spirit of Australians to raise much needed funds for a uniquely Australian charity.

The Team,

David Green....the Meccano Man.....when he was a kid he loved his Meccano set, and now he builds big ones....really big ones, at his steel fabrication plant in country NSW.  His previous ride was a Serious Cirrus, but now he has a Jammy Jet.  Even though it looks a bit like the Forrester Creations corporate jet from The Bold and The Beautiful, whatever you do.....don't call him Ridge......you've been warned!

Leanne Green….. the reluctant flyer….. every time she flies she shakes her head and blames herself, you see it was Leanne’s gift 10 years ago of an introductory flying lesson that started all this and she has been paying for it ever since and after five aircraft, that Introductory Flight voucher has become quite an expensive gift. In the air don’t talk to her, don’t touch her or startle her in anyway or you may lose a finger. Don’t get me wrong she loves the destination just not the flying to get there.

Steve Green.....the Burger Meister......he's run country pubs all over NSW, and now he runs the Friday arvo barbecues at the Illawarra Fliers in Wollongong.  His lamb and rosemary burgers are legendary, and members fly in from miles around just to sample his culinary exploits.  He usually flies a twin Grumman Cougar, but this time he's come along to keep an eye on the young fella.....he's Dave's secret weapon.  And while he is very comfortable with a puffy white hat, a flipper and an apron, just make sure you don't call him Brook....ever!.....you've been warned, again.

Fiona.......the honorary Green.......tall, vivacious and very blond...."What's her role?" I hear you ask.  She's the distraction, while you take your eye off the ball wondering what's going on, and what she's going to do next, the Jammy Jet will suddenly slip onto the winners board without you even noticing.  There you go......I've even told you what will happen and you will still be amazed when it does, so the ploy will have worked, she's not just a pretty face you know, so that's our final warning......

So you've been warned and warned, and still the end is inevitable.  It might be big and noisy but victory by stealth for the Jammy Jet is our destiny......