[14] The Freo Flyers

Team Captain: Ralph Treasure
Other Members: Elena Monaco
Aircraft: C172R

Ralph Treasure and Elena Monaco, a husband and wife team.

Ralph has had a PPL since the seventies when eating dust on the roads of the Kimberley encouraged him to find an alternative mode of transport.  Ralph is retired and has had the time to achieve a formation endorsement which has expanded his flying experiences in the last 12 months.

Elena is new to flying. When she realised that they would be spending their greying nomad years flying around Australia she knew a dual pilot operation would be highly beneficial. Elena holds an RA licence with the intention to convert to GA. Elena is a general practitioner with an interest in geriatric medicine and she also has a certificate in sports medicine.

We decided to do the air race because it ticks a lot of boxes for our flying dreams and we can fly in the company of like minded people having lots of fun along the way. All of this whilst supporting an organisation that is vital to our outback.